PHEMED - Pesticide Health Effects Medical Education Database

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With the exception of antipersonnel chemicals such as war gases, pesticides are the only toxic chemicals that we deliberately release into the environment which, by definition, are intended to cause harm to some living things.

This section contains eleven case-based scenarios that include: learning objectives; key concepts; suggested use; instructional materials; and supporting documents.

•    CASE 1: Non-agricultural occupational oral exposure to herbicide (Diquat)

•    CASE 2: Field worker organophosphate exposure 

•    CASE 3: Pesticide applicator endosulfan poisoning 

•    CASE 4: Pesticide applicator chemical skin burn with herbicide (Paraquat) 

•    CASE 5: Child ingestion of lice shampoo (Lindane)

•    CASE 6: Pesticide applicator with paresthesias - is it diabetes?

•    CASE 7: A Community Case Study: farmworker housing and exposure

•    CASE 8: Farmworker toddler - assessing pesticide exposure risk

•    CASE 9: Farm couple poisoning in Taiwan from contaminated food (methamidophos)

•    CASE 10: Pesticide suicide attempt

•    CASE 11: Crop duster Pyrethroid inhalation