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Focused class lecture materials are organized by these topics. 

occupational and environmental health assessment health effects of pesticides pesticide diagnostics
pesticide products
 vulnerable populations



I. Occupational and Environmental Health Assessment

  1. Screening (doc)
  2. Detailed (pdf)
  3. Agricultural workers (doc)
  4. Event based - the pesticide exposed patient (doc)
  5. Pediatric
    1. Well baby/child exam (pdf)
    2. Screening exam (pdf)
    3. Supplemental exam (pdf)

II. Health Effects of Pesticides

  1. Differential Diagnostics by Organ Systems (ppt)
    1. Nervous (ppt)
    2. Cardio-vascular (ppt)
    3. Gastrointestinal & Heptic (ppt)
    4. Ophthalmologic
    5. Hematopoietic (ppt)
    6. Respiratory (ppt)
    7. Renal (ppt)
    8. Endocrine (ppt)
    9. Reproductive (ppt) 


    III. Pesticide Diagnostics

    1. Cholinesterase Testing (website)
      1. "The Nuts & Bolts of Cholinesterase Monitoring" (webinar)
      2. Protocol (pdf)
      3. Algorithm (pdf)
    2. General Management of Acute Poisoning
      1. Decontamination
        1. Skin (ppt)
        2. Eyes (ppt)
        3. Gastrointestinal (ppt) 


      IV. Pesticide Products

      1. Pesticide Identification (website)
      2. Specific Pesticides: Biochemistry, Toxicology, Pathology, Presentation and Treatment
        1. Insecticides
          1. Cholinesterase inhibitors
          2. Organochlorines
          3. Pyrethroids
          4. Boric Acid
          5. Arsenicals
        2. Herbicides
          1. 2,4-D
          2. Paraquat and diquat
          3. Pentachlorophenol
          4. Copper chromium arsenate
        3. Fumigants
          1. Cyanide
          2. Napthalene
        4. Others
        5. Fungicides
          1. Hexachlorobenzene
          2. Maneb
          3. Methylmercury Compounds

      VI. Vulnerable Populations

      1. Migrant agricultural workers
      2. Women and children 

      International Control of Pesticides

      International Pesticide Trade: Is there any hope for the effective regulation of controlled substances?

      • This article indicates how pesticides and their effects on human health and the environment, with particular emphasis on the threat posed in developing countries.
      • If the link above is not accessible, please click here to get the PDF file.

      International Agreements and Treaties

      • Introduction of this page: EPA works closely with other U.S. agencies, foreign governments, and international organizations to develop and strengthen international standards and approaches to the sound management of pesticides. Quite a few international agreements have been developed on different aspects of pesticides to strengthen protections across the globe.  
      • If the link above is not accessible, please click here to get the PDF file.

      Organics and pesticide

      History of pesticides (ppt) : To view the brief introduction of pesticide uses.

      Homicide and pesticides

      • Banerjee, S., Chowdhury, A. N., Schelling, E., Brahma, A., Biswas, M. K., & Weiss, M. G. (2009). Deliberate self-harm and suicide by pesticide ingestion in the Sundarban region, India. /Trop Med Int Health, 14/(2), 213-219. 
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